Bottega d'Arte Sociale APS

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I always do what I can’t do to learn how to do it.”
Vincent Van Gogh
Handicrafts Made in Italy
Artistic Craftmanship space where you can meet Master Artisans who make their knowledge and manual skills available to the community. Activities of Modern Lutherie, Craftsmanship of Reuse, Crib Craftsmanship , Carpentry, Restoration, Jewellery, Skin and Leather Processing

To create is to give shape to one's destiny.”
Albert Camus
All the activities carried out within the space are given vent by carrying out training courses for children, teenagers and adults thanks to our Master Artisans who make their Art available to rediscover the Craftsmanship of our territory.

About Us
From our passion, determination and perseverance we have made our hobby our life, our work, working with effort and dedication to achieve qualitative and accurate results in every detail.

  • Wooden Restoration
  • Lutherie
  • Craftsmanship of Reuse and Crib Craftsmanship
  • Jewellery
  • Skin and Leather
  • Woodworker

Bottega d'Arte Sociale APS
Via Aldrovandi 11, 40026 Imola (BO) Centro storico Italy
C.F. 90053750379
P.Iva 04005791209
Course Coordinators
Fabio Ferlini (President)
Tel: +39 377.579.18043
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