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"Only the one who knows not to know is wise, not the one who deceives himself to know, and thus ignores even his own ignorance."
Modern Lutherie children, teenagers and adults
Master Luther Fabio Ferlini (meet our craftsman by clicking here)

Lutherie Adults:
Monday          from 19,00 to 22,00
Tuesday          from 19,00 to 22,00
Wednesday  from 19,00 to 22,00

Lutherie Children 6-11 years and Teenagers:
Tuesday           from 17,30 to 18,30
Wednesday   from 17,30 to 18,30
Friday              from 17,30 to 18,30

Setup and maintenance:
Friday              from 18,30 to 19,30

Theaters and Puppets
Theatrical Trainer Samanta Sonsini

All ages:
Mondays from 17,30 to 21,00

What you do not possess or know, you cannot give or teach to others.
Not even the ignorant love wisdom, nor desire to become wise. Precisely in this, in fact, ignorance is unbearable, in believing by those who are neither beautiful nor excellent, nor wise, to be adequately endowed. Those who do not feel that they are lacking, therefore, do not desire what they do not believe they need.
You can only learn an art in the workshops of those who earn their living with it
Samuel Butler
Bottega d'Arte Sociale APS
Via Aldrovandi 11, 40026 Imola (BO) Centro storico Italy
C.F. 90053750379
P.Iva 04005791209
Course Coordinators
Fabio Ferlini (President)
Tel: +39 377.579.18043
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